Sunday, July 21, 2013

Details for Mission 2: Shoe Drive

Mission Two: Shoes 4 the Shoeless
After a very successful mission of collecting exactly 100 books for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, our Super Heroes have decided to tackle a much BIGGER project and we REALLY need your help! We will be collecting NEW athletic shoes and socks (sizes 10 Youth- 13 adult) for school-age children and will be presenting them to a great local organization, Shoes 4 the Shoeless on August 12, 2013 (please check them out at their website: An estimated 15,000 children in the Dayton area alone do not have appropriate fitting shoes and we find that unacceptable! Read on to find out how you can help our Super Heroes make a difference in the lives of others!

Drop off location, dates and times
If you’d like to help us reach our  goal of raising at least 100 NEW pairs of shoes, here’s how you can help! You can drop off shoes and/ or socks at  Southwest Church Worship and Community Center, located at 150 Remick Blvd, Springboro 45066 by the YMCA. 

Drop off days are Mondays through Saturdays (between the hours of 7:30am- 6:00pm. If the church is closed, please place your donation in the marked box "For Super Heroes of Service." Items left in the box will be collected frequently. If these times do not work or you would like to drop off to an official Super Hero, we’d be more than happy to arrange another drop off time. Simply email us at

Our  final pick up date will be Friday, August 9. This mission will only be successful with your help so please help us by giving and sharing our mission! 

**If your child would like to participate in this mission, we will be having tables set up at the Mall for our children to dress as super heroes and collect shoes. We will also have some specific times for our Super Heroes to be at the church, taking shoe donations. More details with dates and times coming this week. Please check back on the blog for this information. You can also feel free to email me if they are interested.

Please email us at with any questions! Up and Awwayyy!!!!

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  1. Hi Julia,

    Thanks so much again for helping us. I would love to come and talk with the kids who are participating if that would work out with you! Also, Angela Addington will be contacting you soon. She is the founder of a website called Moms Spot. It is an online blog. A pretty big deal in blog land.

    Anyway, she saw on my Facebook page about your group, and wants to do a feature about what you are doing with the kids. She loves your idea.

    Talk soon,