Monday, July 8, 2013

Sneak Preview of our next BIG mission! (And other really cool news!)

I was really hoping to post last night with all the details of our next BIG mission, but unfortunately  I'm still waiting to get a few things settled before I can give all the details. It may be another day or so before all the details are ironed out so I thought I'd tell you the gist and then update with the details.

For a little background, last year, our cousin Shawn did a really cool thing. For her birthday, she had a really big party and invited a TON of people. The one thing she wanted was for all her guests to bring a pair of new athletic shoes and/or socks for a school aged child. Then she shared all the shoe/sock donations with a super cool local organization, Shoes 4 the Shoeless.  Please be sure to check them out at!

So, we contacted Shoes 4 the Shoeless and asked if our Super Heroes could hold a shoe/sock drive to help them out. They were so excited that our super heroes wanted to help!! They told us that approximately 15,000 children in the Dayton area alone are without shoes or only have shoes that are way too small. So this is our next BIG mission! Our goal is to raise AT LEAST 100 pairs of new athletic shoes (sizes 10youth-13 adult). It's a pretty lofty goal for some pint sized Super Heroes, but if anyone can do it, they can! right!? Of course THEY CAN!!

As for the details.... Stay tuned and you can find out how your child can be a Super Hero in this mission and how/when we'll be collecting and delivering those shoes....

Okay, ready for the other REALLY BIG NEWS????? In order to promote our Super Heroes and this BIG mission, we have been invited to appear on the local live TV show, LIVING DAYTON, on Monday, July 22, 2013!!! Aaagghhh!! Our Super Heroes could not be more excited!!!! Unfortunately, the show requested that only 2-3 Super Heroes make an appearance, so we found it appropriate that it be the the founding Super Heroes: Quinn, Maddison and Caelen. Way to go kiddos! And what a great present as that is Super Hero Maddison's 5th Birthday!

Stay tuned for more details!! Up and Awwaayyyy!!

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