Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Celebrating "The Real Super Heroes"

With September 11 quickly approaching, we thought we should recognize the "Real Super Heroes" out there. We thought it would be a great idea to make a bunch of homemade goodies to bring to the local fire station and police department on September 11.  And then sadly, we were told that our homemade goodies most likely may not be eaten. It makes sense that these super heroes need to be careful about the foods that are brought into them. You can never be too careful. So instead, we've decided to collect store bought and packaged goodies to bring to who we admire and to show our thanks for all they do for the community! With that said, our pint-sized Super Heroes of Service will be hitting the streets, delivering flyers and asking for store bought and packaged goodies. We thought it would be really great if each person/family who donates food items would also send a personalized note thanking the real Super Heroes for all they do! You never know who's day you may cheer up with an uplifting letter of gratitude! If you are not in our neighborhood, but would like to collect goodies or bring goodies to us, please let us know! We can get your pint-sized hero a flyer to pass out! You can contact us at superheroesofservice1@gmail.com. Up and Awaay!!!

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