Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11- A Day to Show Thanks to those Who Protect and Serve!

Wow today was GREAT! Our Super Heroes collected enough goodies to take 6 baskets full of treats and personalized cards/drawings to the local police and fire stations! It was so cool for our little ones to meet the local Super Heroes and tell them in their own words that we appreciate them and the work they do for us on a daily basis!

Our first stop, was to the Springboro Police Station. There we met with Officer Dustin Christian, who was so kind to take some time to talk with us and let us take some pictures!

We even got some suckers and sticker badges!

From there, we went to our first fire station and dropped off two more baskets to the Captain. He was very gracious and thankful!

Our final stop was another Clearcreek Fire Station. We were enthusiastically greeted by three super cool firemen! They invited us into the station and let us look at all the trucks and let our Super Heroes get in them and check them out! This was awesome for our little Super Heroes!

So cute... they were saying the Pledge of Allegiance!

After we left and went home, we had a really cool surprise visit! Our doorbell rang and and it was Officer Dustin from the Springboro PD! He said he shared what we did with the Chief of Police and he was so impressed by us that he had Officer Dustin come over and bring us some very special medals for each of us, to say thank you to us! Now that was cool!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this day so special! Our children felt great saying thank you and sharing those special treats! And we're pretty sure the Real Super Heroes will be having some yummy goodies tonight!

Up and Awwaaayyyy!!!

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